The General Office of Psychiatric Services of the Ministry of Health of Mexico is responsible for the coordination and delivery of psychiatric care across its three hospitals and three Community Mental Health Centers:

Hospitals Psychiatic:
1. Psychiatic Hospital "Fray Bernardino Alvarez."
2. Psychiatic Hospital "Samuel Ramirez Moreno."
3. Child Psychiatic Hospital "Juan N. Navarro."

Community Mental Health Centers (Cecosam):
1. Cuauhtémoc Cecosam
2. Zacatenco Cecosam
3. Iztapalapa Cecosam


Decentralized Public Agency that specializes in providing psychiatric services and mental health with a professional, comprehensive and holistic, taking care that the health care system design is efficient, timely and effective.

Both tasks are aimed at the patient's recovery and the need for social reintegration.


By 2012 Mexicans have access to community mental health services, which contributes to sustainable human development full and equal opportunities.

For more information, please contact us at phone (52-55) 5062-2311 and 5062-2319


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